When virtual becomes reality

Please imagine that in some days, people can connects the virtual world to the real world because of some technology,  what kind of situation would it be? And the real and hypocritical worlds are combined by  thetechnology so that and people can’t even distinguish what difference between this two. Is this will become a very wonderful and fantasy feeling?

Now, the emergence of a technology has turned this fantasy into reality. And the name of this technology is called virtual reality(VR). VR also known as the virtual environment which  use the computer simulation to generate a virtual world of three-dimensional space, and providing  simulations of visual and other senses to the users.  According to this, users could feel as if they are immersed,they can observe things in 3D space in real time and without restrictions. When the user moves their head or position, the computer can immediately perform complex operations to transmit the accurate 3D world video back to the sense of presence. Thus, the users can experience the virtual world in an immersive way by using VR tools.

Before the birth of VR technology, there was a Japanese anime already broadcasted on the TV.  And the theme of  the  anime is using the VR device to enter the game world which name is the Sword Art Online. The Sword Art Online describes a thrilling adventure of a Japanese man who enters the virtual game world through VR devices.

This anime made a huge response in the anime fan groups after it was aired at that time. Everyone hopes to be a venture in it, fight and do what they can’t do in the real world like the protagonist of the anime. I believe that some of the inspiration of VR technology   may comes from this anime. The VR technology is now mainly used in game entertainment. More and more video game company are also starting to develop games that can use VR technology, because VR break the traditional game mode and bring a more vivid and real game experience. Different from traditional games the mouse and the keyboard are not required at all, and the VR device can generate signal data to the game according to the movement of the wearer, thereby allowing the player to feel a more realistic game experience from the perspective of the first person. Resident Evil 7, as the latest work of the famous horror game Resident Evil series, also supports VR devices in the game. As a first-person horror game, in the VR mode, it can bring more horrible game atmosphere to the players. This is a demo video of the Resident Evil 7 VR version.I believe that you can feel the sense of presence brought by VR….


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/lvJxq1NRX6s” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

The success of VR is becaues its bring a challenge to the traditional visual experience. Benefit from the VR technology, people can use the first person to enter the digital world more intuitively, so that giving the audience a very powerful visual experience. Compared with traditional 3D technology, VR is not limited to presenting a stereoscopic visual experience to the viewer on the plane, but rather closer to bringing the audience into the world created by the movie or game developer which will bring more real feeling. VR technology not only brings the new video games mode to the modern society, but also aspects to other field such as film, television and education. In modern movies, audiences often watch the whole movie in third person, but by introducing VR technology, the audiences can even experience the whole movie story with the protagonist or the supporting role of the movie. Whether it is a love film, a comedy film or a science fiction film, the audiences can integrate into the movie with more real emotion through VR technology which may producing a new viewing experience. On the other hand, the prospects for VR’s application in education are also very promising. For example, in medicine, it may takes several years to develop a successful surgeon with the experience of actual surgery. But through VR equipment, students can use the first perspective of experienced surgeons to observe how to perform a specific operation, which is more vivid and efficient than traditional teaching method.

VR technology has made such progress in just a few years. It is not difficult to imagine that in the future, VR technology will not only be limited to the game industry, it will be also widely used in various industries such as teaching, film, medical, etc. Of course, the current VR technology is not enough to achieve what we expected, and it has the disadvantages of being expensive and not easy to carry, but I believe that one day VR can grow and truly turn virtual into reality.

Think about it, maybe one day in the future world, you may just open your eyes in bed, but you can’t tell whether you are in reality or in a virtual world. What a cool experience!

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