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Why is Tesla important? Well until about 2012, no one really cared about electric cars as a viable option for a personal vehicle, with the biggest issues being the battery life and range anxiety. Tesla has changed the perception of the electric car, while also making a push in the right direction to fighting total planet destruction. The fact that the top model Tesla cars rival current supercars is just the cherry on top.


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However, Tesla was not founded to just build another expensive sports car. Elon Musk founded the company with the vision of helping the planet ‘go green’. Teslas company goal is to help slowly eradicate the need to mine and burn hydrocarbon and build a ‘new world’ solar electric economy. The thing that really strikes consumers is the fact that Musk is not just talking about it, he’s actually trying to completely switch the cars we use and be a positive force for the future of humanity.

While Teslas are slowly picking up speed, the current infrastructure built around today’s vehicles needs total replacing. Charging stations need to replace fuel stations (and they gotta charge fast!), mechanics need more skills and a better understanding of computing and solar fields needing to replace oil fields. Consumer habits need to change before this is all fast tracked. Musk has gone the right way about making electricity ‘cool’ and his company model will see his cars become more affordable, creating more demand in more countries. Here’s how Musk has planned his route for his environmentally friendly cars to reach the everyday driver:


  1. Build a dream electric sports car that everyone wants (Roadster)
  2. Use that money to build an affordable car (Model S)
  3. Use that money to build an even more affordable car (Model 3)
  4. While doing the above, also provide zero-emission electric power offerings to build out the infrastructure to support the cars and a new standard of energy (New types of solar panels or the Powerwall battery)



Consumer Perceptions

Why have electric cars met so much consumer resistance? There are still many people who just don’t believe electric vehicles can replace gas cars quite yet. Even many automakers are not yet sold on the technology. Nonetheless, nearly every major brand has announced significant future electrification plans. But push and adoption is slow and by the time it becomes an everyday part of life, it may be too late.

There are many misconceptions on electric cars that that have been laid to rest in the latest line of electric vehicles. They don’t have enough range, the battery wears out, they take too long to charge, not enough charging stations, they are too expensive, my electricity bill will skyrocket. All these misconceptions are answered thoroughly in this article:

Turns out they are pretty cool, man.

Dinosaur Model of Automotive Companies

Why aren’t other vehicle companies fast tracking change? Well, they have invested so much into the technology of combustion engines that it’s hard to let go of. Dependency for you to come back for repairs and parts, keeping a large network of dealers and repair centers alive, backed by fossil fuel companies who depend on you getting your regular service and the need to keep coming back for more fossil fuel to burn. In summary, they value short term profits over the future of our planet. Why change if business is going smoothly? The thing is, Tesla is setting medium to long term goals, they are just getting started. Musk knows change has to come and when it does, other companies will be left behind. As people see more value in EV’s, traditional vehicles will lose value and change WILL come.



Electric is Exciting

Cars are just the start of electric adoption as they are a part of almost everyone’s lives. The same can be said for home solar panels too. Look at the Tesla Powerwall – the battery for your home. Australian home owners have claimed they saved 90% on their power bill with a solar panel and Powerwall setup on their home. The power you store in the battery can be sold back to the rest of the grid, severely cutting costs and in some cases turning a profit. It even has support for over-the-air software updates, meaning these Powerwalls can take advantage of fluctuating time-of-day pricing; a feature that will result in the largest savings possible on electricity bills. Software updates can also  be given to your Tesla to improve it regularly. The latest update on Teslas has given them the ability to self drive or autopilot. Yes please.


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On a bigger scale this isn’t just about Tesla, but Tesla is one of the largest  companies pushing a complete switch for the greater good. They aren’t sitting back like most companies and simply stating ‘we should probably change soon ay’. Tesla is making electric and solar exciting, which will hopefully incentivise consumers to make the switch.

This inspiring new technology helps people make the leap into at least researching EVs and that’s a good start. Not only that, Elon Musk is relentless in his campaign to change the world. We need more influencers like him, someone not afraid to take charge and actually progress humanity for the better. We need to think more about the future generations because if we don’t, we may need to move to Mars sooner than we think.


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