Let’s play the Cloud Games!

Have you heard about Cloud Games? The Cloud games doesn’t means playing games on the clouds, or playing with clouds. Is that sounds cool? Although it’s actually cool, but the cloud games is a brand new game play concept which has been proposed in recent years.

In modern society, people’s pursuit of entertainment consumption is constantly improving. Consumers are always curious about novelty technology products on the market and have a certain degree of tolerance. Therefore, this report will show the cloud games, the emerging technology consumer concept to the viewer, and use the survey of potential customers in the market and academic knowledge to show why cloud games will become a trend in the future. In recent years, the rapid development of the game industry has forced people to re-examine this industry…

Video games, as a form of entertainment consumption, have existed for decades, from the well-known Tetris of the last century to the GTA(Grand Theft Auto) at present. The types of games and the gameplay are constantly being developed by game makers, and the games have different service platforms, such as PC(Personal computer), Ps4(Play station 4) and Switch(Nintendo Switch) etc.

The pace of development of the game industry has never stopped, but why the game industry has suddenly developed in recent years. The reason is because the improvement of substantial. According to this reason, performance of the game hosting platform has been improved. Use the main game platform PC as an example, CPU(Central processing unit) and GPU(Graphics processing unit) as the core part of the computer, those performance directly affects the game on the computer. Performance, in simple terms, the better the performance of CPU and GPU, the higher the game the computer can carry, the more realistic and smooth the picture. This is undoubtedly very important for gamers. But the higher performance means that higher price…Can you imagine that the cost of playing video game…..even expensive suffocating.

Therefore, a new concept is proposed by game manufacturers, that is, cloud games. Cloud games can not only save the cost of game players to buy game consoles, but also greatly reduce the cost of game platform developers for developing new game consoles. This is undoubtedly a win-win for developers and consumers. In the cloud game scenario, the game is not running in the player game terminal, it is running on the cloud serve, which provide by the operator and the game scene is rendered as a video audio stream by the cloud server and transmitted to the player game terminal through the network.

The player game terminal does not need to have powerful graphics computing and data processing capabilities it only needs to have basic streaming media playback capabilities and the ability to obtain player input commands and send them to the cloud server. To put it simply, for users of cloud games, they only need a high-speed network broadband and display to play games compared to traditional game platforms, which greatly saves their game costs. So why cloud games can become a trend, due to the game production technology and players’ pursuit of high-quality games this year, game hardware manufacturers have to develop higher performance game consoles, in the era of crushing host performance, a little Ascension means huge R&D costs, which means a huge increase in purchase costs. And cloud games can be better popularized to a large number of game users with low cost of experience. Compared to high-volume game consoles, cloud games are undoubtedly more attractive to players.

After the above introduction, is there any interest in cloud games? Imagine that you can enjoying a high-quality video games at a low price, which is extremely exciting! Moreover, you can also imagine what you can do with the money you saved from the cloud games. Shopping? Gourmet? appointment? And you can even use the money you saved to find the real world companion besides the game! What a great idea!

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