How does K-pop music globalize in the world

Have you ever listened to Korean Music?  What is the impression of Korean entertainment?  If you are non-fans of Korean music, you may have no ideas why fans all scream for the idol. Sometimes you may not be able to recognize their faces because they all look perfect and sexy, but fans can completely identify who they are and telling you their background with passion. Korean entertainment industry has become globalized recently, so how could we know? Even though we are non-fans of Korean music but people worldwide know the song “Gangnam Style” which had been implanted in our brain with the attractive melodies.

What is globalization?

Globalization refers to the transmission of ideas, meanings, and values worldwide to extend and enhance social relations. This process is marked by the common consumption of cultures that have been diffused by the Internet, popular culture media, and international travel.  Globalization emphasizes could bring about pluralism, and increases diversity through the accelerating circulation of cultural practices. Yet, Globalized media chronically refer to the Western style media which has grown a worldwide presence and audience, affecting the dynamics of international media.

Thus, America is regarded as hegemonic of dominant of the globalized media due to the export of plenty of cultural goods such as Hollywood, television, music, and computer with a multilingual version for global audiences. Also, American film and television exports witnessed nearly a five-fold increase between 1992 and 2000. Although American is regarded as hegemonic of dominant of the globalized media, with the growth of Asian culture and entertainment products, its status of dominant in the globalized media is increasing simultaneously. One of the representations of Asian culture is K-pop. K-pop music is a music genre from South Korean.


K-pop is such as a new popular phenomenon in the global music industry. The American and European’s dominant status in global music industry has seldom face challenging competitors from Asia including PSY’s “Gangnam Style, which ranked number one in the world in terms of YouTube click counts exceed the Justin Bieber’s music video. The reason why it gains preeminent achievement in the globalized media is that it possesses two conditions.

Firstly, a cultural technology of Korean music is a key of bringing dominant status in the globalized media. The S.M. conglomerate launched a series of strict training including singing, dance, and presentation to K-pop group members. The training content is around the pattern of American, it could cater American esthetical conception. For instance: wonder girl, which is the first K-pop group, represent Korean music to develop in American. Their preeminent performance attracts many audiences successfully, their singing and dancing skills gained a lot of appreciated.  K-pop has become a truly global phenomenon thanks to its distinctive blend of addictive melodies, striking choreography, and the striking visually captivating of the music videos.


The PSY, who is a famous singer in Korean, his song: GANGNAM STYLE hits number 1 on iTunes in 8 countries. His simple melody and strange horse dancing attract many publics imitate him. A novelty song within based language –“O-ba gan nam style” that can attract people who are from different languages, even audience may not understand what is the meaning of the lyrics, but its simple melody and basic languages could enhance multicultural.

Even people could not able to understand the meaning of the lyrics of k-pop, but its attractive melodies has already stick in your brain, and you can hardly forget vivid melodies in life.


S.M. conglomerate, which is the largest entertainment conglomerate in Korea, the strategy of the K-pop developing is that cater to different market. The K-pop group: EXO, which form from two different country- China and Korea. If the EXO released a new album or EP, the members would promote in their own country by themselves. The reason why Korean music group invite Chinese as members are that attracting Chinese to pay attention to the EXO. Similarity, in order to cater to Australian esthetical, the foundation of K-pop is based on the model of Hip-hop, R&B. Thus, as the mainstream of music type is hip-hop and R&B in Australia and America, the public is more accessible to accept the K-pop to be a part of Australian media.

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