J-wave in global world

In modern society, the content of people’s life is more abundant, people’s demand for spiritual level is gradually increasing.  In the last century, the Japanese animation industry has developed rapidly in Japan as an emerging industry, and it has continued to develop in the 21st century. Japanese anime has become a major pillar of the global spiritual consumer industry. As a Japanese anime in the world, there are Naruto, One Piece and Neon gensis Evagenlion. Although these cartoons are very different in style, they are widely loved, which also illustrates the diversified strength and appeal of the Japanese animation industry. Thus, it’s not hard to say that the impact of Japanese anime is not only be limited to Japan, but also gained a lot of fans in Asia and even the world.

Nowadays, Japanese anime has formed a unique cultural industry chain in the world, and the development is booming. Moreover, animation is not monopolized by Japan. The United States has also produced a lot of classic anime, such as Transformers series, Marvel series, these anime characters have a great impact on a generation.

Let’s take a look at what effect anime has on the society today

The Otaku.

Otaku is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, commonly towards the anime and manga fandom. Such groups generally have a very large interest in animation or in their own right, which means that they are also the main consumer groups of the animation industry. Most of these people like to stay at home and watch their favorite anime, but this has caused many people who don’t understand this group to misunderstand that otaku is lazy and heavy, which may be because Reported news has a misleading tendency. This is unfair. It is ridiculous to characterize one’s habits because of hobbies. The generation of such social groups is related to animation, but they should also be treated correctly like other group of people.


Cosplay is one of the sub-cultures derived from Japanese anime which is loved by people in modern society. At the beginning , cosplay  just a action of some anime fans who love the character in anime and try to wear the same costume as an anime character. Then they found that through role-playing, they can also be as handsome or beautiful as anime characters, so more and more people are starting to try role-playing to satisfy themselves. Not only that, but some other anime fans will also engage in anime role-playing. People have a feeling of embarrassment. Because of this mutual satisfaction, role-playing is gradually becoming more and more popular. Although some people have not seen anime, they still learn some anime characters and content through cosplay. This is tantamount to helping the spread of animation culture. Moreover, in some of the current activities, we can also see that there are often cosplay enthusiasts who participate in it and successfully attract the attention of the public. This shows the charm of the animation culture and the hearts of the people.

Animation industry

The size of the global animation industry was about USD 244 billion in 2015. The major animation markets include the United States, Canada, Japan, China, France, Britain, Korea and Germany. This shows the economic value of the animation industry. Then we look at the following table and show the income that the animation industry may bring in the next few years.

Animation as a sub-culture has brought a new consumption choices of the entertainment industry, and it has also stimulated the spiritual consumption of the public. It has brought new impact in this era of diversified consumption. It is good for consumers or the industry itself. The animation industry is now more than just a simple animation, or a movie, but a complete economic industry chain, which includes animation itself, animation peripheral products, clothing, and video games. Under such a drive, the animation industry has grown vigorously and profoundly influenced contemporary people.


Japanese anime not only has come into people’s hearts with its unique charm in the last century, but also achieved a greater success in the 21st century. The culture and derivative culture brought by animation is irreplaceable. In modern times, it is not only an entertainment product, but also a spiritual culture. I believe that in the future, we can still see the progress of Japanese anime and the power of influence on the world…


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