Esport as a real sport?

Esports, as described as a sport which turns online gaming into a spectator sport. Spectators can watch gaming competitions or tournaments through live or internet. ESports trend has become so widespread in recent years all over the world. Meanwhile, there was a dispute over the society about esports, should esport be included as one of the actual sports?

I would say ESport can count into one kind of sport. There are many people who think that esports is a joke and not a real sport. Refer to the Oxford English Dictionary, it requires people to work out, involving physical exertion and skill, physical training. Meanwhile, the image of esports is just someone who is not physically fit and lack of athletic abilities. As Kendall mentioned in 2011, people would refer to a gamer as a nerd or associate it with nerd culture. However, here I come the myth buster!

First of all, the esports or playing game is an act of physical exertion! Esports affect the MET rate of people which MET determine exertion. Which means, we can actually measure the connection between MET and esport and define it as a sport or not. While in 2013, there was a study proved games could lead player at a low to moderate activity level. Some famous streamer and pro-gamers like Shroud, disrespect etc. were playing games by controllers or computer during the time of 2010 Olympic games, these pro-gamers were able to get their MET and VO2 at a low to moderate activity level. This has already proved Esport should be included as one of the sports.

From the economic perspective, esports enhanced the money flow, enriched the economic flow like the other sports did. People are willing to spend more money on the esports equipment, just like people are willing to spend more money on buying their basketball or football shoes, making more revenues for esports. Moreover, advertisement of gamers, game encouraging people to spend money or invest in esports. Esport created loads of job opportunity for the general public. You are now able to be a pro-gamer(Eathlete) in the esport market if you are good at playing a specific game, with a high salary and benefits. Or you can be the coach of a team, aside from esports competitions or even be a gaming streamer by streaming your gameplay, having a surprisingly large amount of income! Esport just provided lots of commercial possibilities to the society. Just like the other sports, NBA from basketball, FIFA from football, esports can actually provide many advantages to us.


But how to promote Esport in Australia?

In the May of this year, the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney held the biggest esports event (CS: GO competition), 18,000 seats were filled by the passionate audience who wanted to see the world’s best pro-gamer doing battle. But how? How could Australia get more into this billion-dollar industry of competitive video gaming? As esports are very relying on low pings, therefore the internet infrastructure of Australia has to be capable of transmitting information at high speeds than large volumes and reliable, in order to enhance the position of Australia in Esports. Says by Mr. David Cumming, the Ph.D. candidate at the University of Melbourne .”The great distance between us and major eSports regions creates high latency or ‘lag’, putting Australians at a disadvantage when playing fast-paced eSports titles internationally,”. Therefore, Australia should improve the internet pings speed as the first step, and promote it step by step.

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