Blame it on the Stars

Whoever said only astronomers could stargaze got it wrong because there’s a whole lot more to the galaxy then just the twinkle twinkle rhyme you learnt as a kid. Ever wanted to know who you are most compatible with? Even better, do you want to find out what your likes and dislikes are? Well look no further, zodiac signs are here to answer all your questions, dreams, hopes and outfit choices.

The Zodiac, as it has become known today, are 12 astrological signs each representing one month of the year. Many people use zodiac signs for guidance in their life by selecting the sign of their birthday month. As an October baby, I’m a Libra. My daily horoscope advises that there is tension in my life and I shouldn’t fuss over the small things. Reflecting on that horoscope, I think to myself, “well duh, tension? It’s the middle of semester at uni and the assignments are piling up… thank you Captain Obvious”.

Rather than looking at a daily horoscope, many people look at a monthly horoscope to find out what their future holds. A recent study found that 70% of university-aged people read a monthly horoscope and 51% value the advice the horoscope provided. However, when asked if their sign accurately described their personality and if it provided correct forecasts, less than 50% agreed it did. Why would we read these horoscopes and take the advice given if we don’t even trust them?

But the power of the zodiac extends far beyond daily life. People also use zodiac signs to test compatibility between potential partners. “Researchers” can explain who you should date and who you definitely don’t want sliding into your dms solely based on star signs. For example, as a “Libra woman” I am best suited to “Gemini and Aquarius men”. Well this is awkward… Does that mean I should pull the plug on my 5 year relationship with a Taurus?

Besides life guidance and partner compatibility, people use their zodiac sign as an excuse for their behaviour. You may find that people will read their daily or monthly horoscope and if they are having a bad time and decide to “lash out”, they will end up saying, “sorry my horoscope predicted this”…

So, is there truth behind these star signs or is the fault in ourselves? Many people dismiss these signs as false and a hoax, but a recent article stated that there may be some truth and value behind them.

Astrology has not been classed as pseudoscience as it has been used over thousands of years and has helped develop the understanding of earth and planets in outer space. One of the main reasons people doubt the credibility behind zodiac signs and the horoscopes is because ANYONE can write a horoscope. To get an accurate horoscope, you’d be well advised to see someone who is a professional in “the field of astrology”, but know that astrology has its limits.

As it’s not an actual science, you probably shouldn’t be blaming your short temper and impatience on the way the stars are aligned (or your partner compatibility for that matter).

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