What Are Those?!

A new trend has emerged within the sneaker industry it is called the ‘dad shoe.

These so-called sneakers have been gaining traction appearing on runways over the past year and have no signs of stopping any time soon. These sneakers cannot be missed as they stand out like a clown at a children’s birthday party.

A Dad Shoe?

A ‘Dad shoe’ can be described as excessively chunky, multi-coloured sneaker that resembles footwear that a 50-year-old dad would have worn in the 90’s. (Just take a look at the picture above) Even though these sneakers are visually ugly they have become a huge fashion trend due to their brand name and way in which are marketed. A staple of high-end fashion these sneakers can be found on the biggest fashion influencers across the world.

Due to the emergence of streetwear fashion over the past several years, many designers have experimented with their work in order to differentiate themselves from the norm. Leading to the emergence of these abstract sneakers. Thus creating something so different they can be easily be identified as designer fashion. However, by creating these dad shoes the purpose of sneakers have changed from iconic footwear into a bold fashion statement.

Why Is This A Trend?

I’m sure all of you know about Kanye West’s music however his fashion brand Yeezy has become one of the biggest brands in footwear today, selling out with every release. Kanye’s short rise to the top of the sneaker industry is attributed to his status as a star yes, but also his creative capability. This creativity often pushes the boundaries of footwear often creating strange fashion abstracts. Yeezy has recently pushed the envelope with sneakers moving on from their original athletic design to a more ugly dad shoe vibe.

In my opinion, this has seen the whole sneaker industry shift in favor of the dad shoe trend. Many other brands are now adapting to this new trend, releasing their own take on these ugly sneakers. Very much a high-end trend Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci are some brands that have followed.

Celebrities are the biggest influencers on fashion trends as all of us follow some form of celebs through social media. Many influencers will often use this platform in order to highlight new trends and endorse brands. Most notable the Kardashian clan rocking Yeezys or Bella Hadid wearing the chunky Balenciaga ‘dad shoe.’ This ultimately influences the general public as millions rely on these celebs for the latest fashion trends. This also gives the consumers a feeling of belonging as the sneakers represent something more than fashion in wealth. By purchasing these shoes ultimately gives the consumer a relatability to fashions and societies elite.


Will this stop?

With Sneakers now being a billion dollar industry, it doesn’t look likely. More and more brands are now catching on to this trend and creating their own form of the ‘dad shoe.’ Additionally, high-end brands are now adapting other forms of footwear in order to branch out from sneakers. This has seen designers recreate, manipulate and reimagine much simpler footwear such as sandals and crocs. (image below)

These ‘dad shoe’ sneakers have ultimately become a fashion staple of the rich and famous. Some of the biggest influencers have been seen wearing these sneakers marketing them as a recognizable image of wealth amongst the public.

Though this ‘dad shoe’ trend has only recently become popular it has no signs of falling out of fashion. As all, you need to do it scroll Instagram or Google next season’s fashion items to see that is the trend is only growing in popularity.

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