Confessions of an overworked student

Hi I’m Brendan and I had a problem with work life balance. Basically, I just worked myself silly and did it do me any good? Nope! lucky I found these tips and am sharing them with you! You’re welcome!


Throughout uni I worked seven days a week and had about a thousand jobs. Legit!


Well, that last bit is a little lie. I do like to exaggerate sometimes #soznotsoz. I did however, have probably one too many jobs. Are four casual jobs across seven days, an internship and full time uni too much?


I thought not, but my doctor kept telling me to slow down.


When she asked when my last day off was I said:


Apparently, there’s this weird thing called burnout.  You can get it when you work yourself too hard and end up exhausted and grumpy all the time. LOL


If you wanted to Netflix and Chill with me:

ONE: You’d have to make an appointment three months in advance

TWO:  It’s actually called NAP-flix NO Chill in my house


You wanna go out for drinks? Yeah I’m down for that…I think I could squeeze you in on 4th December… Next year if I’m not already busy or tired.


My real question was WTF is a weekend? It’s this mysterious thing I heard happy people talk about all the time. Whatever it is, I really hoped Santa gave me one each Christmas. I promised I’ve been a good boy!



I’m not alone, thank goodness! Apparently, Australia ranks in the bottom third of OECD countries for ‘work-life balance’. No joke #firstworldproblem


Overwork is not good for your health. You can actually die from overwork! Karoshi is the Japanese translation of “death from overwork” a term that describes the relationship between work environments, stress and sudden deaths of workers.


That’s it! I’m taking a holiday right now before I die. Sorry boss, I’m calling a sickie before it’s too late.


The list of bad stuff from overwork is practically endless but number one for me was obvs sleep. Lol. Most nights I had a solid three hour nap. This did however, make falling asleep anywhere and everywhere so much easier. But my concentration and attitude was questionable.



My immune system decided to have party all the time and I’d get a cold more regularly than others. Cold are #notcool


When my doctor told me to slow down I’d always say #YOLO


What I should’ve done is actually listened to my doctor. *biggest eye roll of my life*


I finally discovered that all this wasn’t good, especially for my physical and mental health. And I’m glad I did eventually slow down before it got dangerous.


Here’s some things I’ve learnt the hard was so far in my life!


  • It’s ok to say “no” sometimes.

This one I’ve only just discovered and I’m slowly getting better at! I’m such a yes man. To the point where it’s bad for my health.


Have a look at your commitments, is there anything you can shuffle around to make it smarter for you. Where you work less but gain more from it? Ignore the small stuff, focus on the bigger picture.


This is allowed! Don’t feel guilty. You work hard. You deserve this. Book a massage, watch a movie, go for a job or just sit and not do anything. Whatever you love or want just do it! This can be one of the most important parts for your mental health like it was for mine.


Make the bedroom only for two activities, sleeping and sleeping ;P. I banned myself from bringing any electronic devices into the bedroom and I found it really worked for me to fall asleep quicker. Try to limit yourself from bright lights after a certain period at night and try some zen AF music to chill you out.


It’s true what they say, you are what you eat. Avoided heavily processed foods like takeaway and try to stick with more nutritious whole foods like lean meats and vegetables.


You’d be surprised how much more energy you have after exercising. If it’s not a part of your lifestyle yet, book in your exercise on your calendar. Start with something easy and progress as you get fitter.


Now don’t get too excited! You can’t change everything all at once and expect it to work. It’ll be impossible to stick with it all.


To be successful, you’re going to need to take it one step at a time. Think about changing one thing at a time and move onto the next.


I used these six tips and now have a weekend and can now enjoy life a lot more!


Good luck! – Brendan Modini


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