Pornography and OMG it’s ruining everything!… As if!



Have you ever watched porn?


Don’t lie!


Cause if you haven’t then you would be a unicorn!




Pornographic depiction has existed among us since… I don’t know, as old as the Earth. And it was and still is abolishing our sexual life both mentally and physically. Series of pornography-related topics are being shared throughout the internet and most of them is about how it impact on people’s mind and behaviours, leading them toward sexual violence or engaging with risky sexual behaviours.


Hmm… As if!



Maybe that might have happened to some psycho out there who have mental breakdown or unable to control themselves. Otherwise, “porn” seems to be harmless to me.


I think we should be aware that the definition of “pornography” is not always the same for every circumstances. The way we read some kind text depends highly on the circumtextual features surrounding that text, which means that the way people interpret information from a text might change based on how it being presented or where it has been put on.


So, imagine you’re walking in an art gallery and you see a beautiful photograph of nudity, you are likely going to praise it as a masterpiece, right? Now, for the same picture being printed on the cover of a Playboy magazine, or even on a pop-up online advertisement, I would potentially consider that as pornography!



I bet that for each of you, the word “porn” will appear in your mind in a specific vision, and it isn’t going to be the same vision with others’. “Porn” is not even a genre, but within “porn” there are different genres. This lead me to a conclusion that the definition of pornography is not actually exist, so it is nonsense to insist that all porn can be harmful to people.



Introducing “moral panics” and “media effects”


What I am suggesting here is, those “rumours” that people are claiming about porn and those myths about how it creates bad influence on people’s behaviours might be another process of moral panics that caused by the media effects. Moral panics happen when fear and concern were exaggerated or misplaces. They are products of human imagination. On the other hand, we have media effects, which refer to a fact that audiences tend to passively accept media messages and would exhibit predictable reactions in response to those messages.


Now let’s put these together.


What happen in a room (or anywhere else) with two people, doing absolutely normal activities (and yes I am talking about sex), is very personal. But now, thanks to the mass media culture and also the Internet, those “activities” are being spread freely and literally anyone can access to such sensitive media. Some people are just not happy about this because they have a moral panic that porn is getting out of control and it will end up brainwash every single person on Earth, making them believe that: “this is how sex should be like!”.



Also, there are many articles and news out there reporting about how porn is responsible for physical danger upon children or women sexual abuse. And we, kindly but blind because of those accusations, believe it. Sadly, the fact is, such activities have already existed “in every society, in every era, with or without the involvement of pornography”.


Questionable approaches to researches


You know what? There has not been any casual connection proven of watching porn to then lead to sexual violence or abuse.


The book “Pornland: How porn has hijacked our sexuality” from the antiporn activist Gail Dines has a core claim that porn has deeply embedded in the Western culture and it appear in most of the daily life features such as young girls’ sexy attire, women genital waxing, daily life magazines, music videos and even reality shows.


However, these claims were based on no studies or systematic and rigorous evaluation and Dines has failed to demonstrate the link from media images and audience behaviour to porn.


So, do you think that there should be a more critical approach when examining the influence of porn upon people?



Then who/what can we blame? The education?


Many incidents around the bad effect of porn upon children have been reported. These implied that children after being exposed with pornography will then act out things that they learn from it, creating many sexual problems such as “planning sexual assaults, using adult-like grooming techniques, and coercing their peers”.


Yes I agree that children are those who can be easily influenced. Because for god sake they are children! They know nothing about the world and they believe anything that being exposed to them.



But let’s be smart about this. If children are actually taking porn as their guideline of how to have sex or how sex should be like, then it is not the problem of porn but there would be a big missing piece of actual sex education among children.

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