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This weekend past, 29th of September to the 1st of October was the weekend of the Grand Final games for both prideful Australian codes of football. On the Saturday of the weekend the AFL held their ground breaking grand final of 2 teams that haven’t wont a the premiership in a combined 55 years and for their pre show entertainment the league managed to hook The Killers to play a few songs before the game. Having released their new album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ and topping the Aus Music Charts the band have always been relevant in Australian music. Being asked to play at the AFL grand final shows just how hard the league was trying to nab the big fish in hyping up the game and boy did they deliver.

Trying to keep up the pace and contesting with the AFL, the NRL booked American rapper Macklemore. Apart from Macklemore’s great ability for rapping he also has an inate ability to create songs with complete relevance to political and worldly events. In 2013 he released his debatably most famous song Same Love which is a melody that preaches about the rights of same sex couples, marriage and love. Which just so happens to co-incide with Australians political events almost perfectly in regards to the same sex marriage plebiscite that is going around the country as you read this. Now this would have been a harmless and easy trip to Australia for Macklemore if it weren’t for an irrelevant ex-prime minister. In the 11th hour Tony Abbott decided to pipe up and head to twitter and send out this message:



Having been an advocate against same sex marriage, Tony Abbott decided to spark the feud that Macklemore’s song ‘Same Love’ should not be played at the Grand Final because it would be unfair to subject football fans to politics and have opinions being forced upon them. Yet the only thing I don’t think Tony Abbot realized is that Macklemore was going to play the song regardless of the current happenings in Australia. Thankfully to Abbott he has since shot Same Love to #1 spot of the iTunes Australian charts. If anything, Tony Abbott has brought the songs message and support to light at such a futile time. He hasn’t done much, but he has found a way to poke his head into something he knows nothing of, once again.

Regardless of the whole debacle, Macklemore came and played the song and even decided to now tweak it to suit the strong Aussie crowd in the stadium and all that were watching at home, changing small amounts of lyrics insinuating that the country needs to be united by law. Preaching “no freedom ‘til we’re equal”, Macklemore put on a show and provided some refreshing support to the millions of Australians on the supportive side of love.

Now if you’re wondering; “I wonder if Macklemore saw the ordeal of trying to get the song banned from the performance?”, the answer is yes. But he barely had a glance at the subject, when being asked about it on an American Radio Station all he had to say was “I’m getting a lot of tweets from angry old white dudes in Australia”. Luckily he was excited to be able to play this song in front of us all in such a big deal like the NRL Grand Final.

Click HERE to watch Macklemore’s NRL performance of Same Love.



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