Is it Worth the Price?

Been thinking of hopping on the Bali bandwagon despite all the downsides? We’re all guilty of it; who doesn’t love a cheap and easy holiday? Trick question, everyone does!

Younger generations are constantly being scrutinised on how they choose to spend/save money. Nowadays, we live in a generation where we would rather spend our money on leisurely experiences that make us happy, rather than worrying about making any long-term goals for our financial futures.


It’s easy to understand why us “young people” feel discouraged, it’s almost like we’re set up to fail. There has been so much pressure placed on us by the economy, especially with the most popular topic of discussion, the house pricing market!

There was even an article written about why millennials choose to go on holidays rather than saving.It talks about how we become so fixated on living in the moment that we tend to overlook the things we should be saving for because it can seem so out of reach. I can safely say I am one hundred per cent guilty of this, and why does it necessarily have to be a bad thing?

It’s like what my dad always told me; there’s no point having a large sum of money just sitting in your bank account doing nothing, life’s just too short.

Research found that 59 per cent of young people prioritise live-for-now spending, which makes sense considering millennial’s value the opportunity to make experiences before superficial and materialistic commodities.

Is it safe?

What most people don’t really think about are the risks you take when visiting Bali in comparison to other destinations. Concerns have been raised in relation to young people overseeing these dangers due to the price. I don’t know about you but the stories about people coming back with “Bali belly” and all the crazy shenanigans they witness over there doesn’t sound particularly appealing.

When choosing to travel there, it’s important to understand that Australia and Bali differ in many ways, such as the laws, traditions, and health standards. If tourists don’t take into consideration certain cultural differences, problems will arise no matter where you travel, and this has also been proven by the increase of Australian’s being arrested overseas. There have also been issues with scams, thefts, drugs, and so on and it still doesn’t seem to stop people from travelling there.

In addition to this, Bali and its infamous volcano warnings are something to always keep an ear out for. You probably heard how just recently there were major warnings of a volcano erupting where residents are being forced out of their homes, and tourists are being advised to cancel their holidays to the island.

As most of you would already know, this isn’t the first time Bali has had issues with volcanos and its notorious consequences of delaying tourists’ schedules. I remember in 2015 I was in Japan trying to get back to Brisbane I was stuck there for 3 days because the airline was too focused on getting people out of Bali. This resulted in using other international flights being delayed and cancelled and it was a goddamn nightmare I tell you!

Why you can’t resist

With so many downfalls that inevitably comes with travelling to Bali, I honestly believe that social media is a major drive for millennials urge to go there. Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook have all become a huge marketing platform for the travel industry and we immediately get sucked in.

Social media has mastered the art of only sharing what you want to. It’s easy to look at someone’s profile and think their life is perfect but in fact they probably had to go through 2 cancelled flights, a stolen suitcase, and one of those monkeys stealing their good pair of sunglasses before they even got to their hotel room.

To back this all up, I found a study that looks into Australian millennial’s ‘fear of missing out’ driving spending habits. Travel and luxury brands seem to be the priority these days, and in my opinion, that doesn’t sound like a bad life.

People laugh at the term FOMO (fear of missing out) but its grown to become a much larger epidemic than what most people think. Social media largely drives the power of FOMO, and has really taken over the travel industry, which is why you see so many social media influencers getting paid to travel the world.

But let me put into perspective how FOMO can impact everyone. How many times have you neglected that assignment you so desperately need to get a good grade on in order to pass but instead went to a gig or your friend’s birthday party? Exactly!

And don’t get me wrong; I know how hard it is to resist those cheap Jetstar flights that keep coming out left, right, and centre! It’s like the world wants us to splurge and you know, live a little.

So is that Instagram photo you’ve been planning in your head really worth the risk? Are you going to ignore all the warning signs because you’ve already put the time, money, and energy into organising it? Maybe all these factors have become the norm, and it’s just something that comes with the cost.

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