Driver vs Waiter…. Why Not Both?

It’s Sunday morning, and the hangover has definitely sunk in. Actually, it has kicked you in the stomach and punched you in the face… it’s a real winner. The last thing you feel like doing is using all your drunken energy getting out of bed, only to walk a few metres to the living room and lie straight back down on the couch.

Happy Sunday!

You’re lying on the couch contemplating many things, and all you feel like is a decent breakfast, but you refuse to move. “Queue Bicycle” …Welcome delivery other than the pizza guy. Food delivery services such as uberEATS, Deliveroo and Foodora are taking over the streets and pantries of thousands of Australians who just couldn’t be bothered – consumer culture at its finest!

While it was once a ‘privilege’ or ‘treat’ to dine-out at a local restaurant or enjoy a take-away meal, consumer culture has definitely changed. This is due to a number of factors; however, one major aspect is how easy it is to get restaurant prepared meals. The good ol’ Pizza delivery man was virtually the only delivery service offered to couch potatoes, and boy was that a treat.

Fast forward and the delivery service has revolutionised into cars, mopeds and even bicycles – and shock horror, pizza is just one of the hundreds of meals you can get delivered. Delivery service companies such as UberEATS, Deliveroo and Foodora are changing the restaurant landscape, with eateries opening without waiters, tables or chairs. Restaurants are still thriving, as they have jumped on board the delivery bandwagon, with hundreds of restaurants catering to the couch potatoes.

Consumer Culture has rapidly flipped. As the on-demand economy generates needier consumers who want things at the push of a button, the expectation of quick delivery grows every day. The restaurant landscape has seen an increase of 2.0% in revenue growth in the last year, with delivery services playing a large role.

Whether you’re a millennial sitting at university craving a burrito, a working parent with a heavy workload, or a business person wanting to shout the office a few treats, delivery services are the new answer, especially when there are fine dining meals up for delivery. Renowned Brisbane chef and restaurateur Ryan Squires admits it is crucial for his high-end restaurant, Esquire, to provide for the home delivery market.

(Ah, all of this talk of food delivery service gets me thinking….)

Popular Melbourne burger chain On It Burger has recently rented a commercial kitchen in Sydney teaming up with UberEATS to meet consumer demands – an inexpensive yet extremely profitable way to reach a larger demographic whilst upholding the same great quality – a $6 million dollar increase in annual turnover isn’t bad? Owner Tony Plunkett admits it is largely attributed to UberEATS.

As the delivery service is growing exponentially, consumers are relying on convenience more than ever before.  The restaurant industry is far from collapsing, as businesses ranging from cafes, to five star restaurants are reaching out their services to home delivery. I guess, consumers get what consumers want, and that’s the beauty of consumer culture, trends sometimes aren’t just trends and in fact do change our way of living.

So, driver or waiter – you can decide!

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