We Be Crushin’: The Infatuation With Reality Stars

SO, it’s pretty common knowledge that the world is run by celebrities (my world is anyway). However, I have started to notice that the ‘celebrities’ I so passionately (or not) follow started out on reality TV. Whether it’s Charlotte from Geordie Shore breaking down on television last week or keeping up to date with Love Island couples that just left the villa, my time is filled with watching interviews, snapchats and stalking their personal profiles… It’s kinda sad when I put it like that. Whoops.

But never fear, if you haven’t been sucked into reality TV stars, let me show you what you’re missing out on. Here is a little snippet from the show Love Island, which, if you don’t get from the name is about a group of single-tons finding ‘love’ in a secluded villa. SAUCY.

Did you lose a brain cell or two? Don’t worry, I’ve been losing them for years. The term ‘celebrity’ used to hold some merit – someone who was talented in a particular area of entertainment. However, reality TV has made the term ‘celebrity’ quite ambiguous, as reality stars can earn big money and followings for being hot despite having no real talent.

Take Love Island star and one of the winners Amber Davies (LOVE HER) for example. Before entering the show she was a normal 20 year old girl who would have had as many followers as me and you. Now, one month after the show wraps up she has a massive 1.5 million followers on her Instagram and has also landed a $800 000 deal to be the face of  globally recognised fashion brand Motel Rocks. This is how quickly a reality star can get more than their 15 minutes of fame.

Reality Stars

But what is it about reality stars that is so damn infatuating?

A survey was conducted throughout America where they asked respondents to select reality shows they have watched or previously watched. Out of the sample that responded 99.9% had watched some form of reality TV. It also showed that 61% of respondents were females and 66% were between 18 and 30 years old – which is the primary targeted audience for reality TV.



So we get that we’re obsessed with watching these people but WHY?

It’s also mentioned that consumers feel a sense of connectedness with reality stars such as aspiring to be like them, their fashion sense and identifying with them. Now, these reality stars are no Ariana Grande or Beyoncè, but that’s what makes it work. We consider reality stars more relatable and real, it’s called REALity after all. We see seemingly regular people doing regular things and we think to ourselves we could be famous too.

Another point that must be mentioned is the phenomenon known as the ‘fascination with the abomination’… LOL. This is when people are intrigued by the very things that repulse them or go against everything they believe in. 


(but don’t stop because we secretly love it)

“People can’t stop themselves from being deeply engrossed in the little and constructed ‘reality’ world that is unfolding before them simply because it is so beyond the realm of anything that ever happens in their reality.”

Whether it’s Love Island, Geordie Shore, Ex On The Beach or The Bachelor, it’s undeniable that these reality shows, which, let’s be real are pretty trashy – are something we can’t get enough of in this celebrity-obsessed culture. Whether we’re envious, escaping reality, laughing at them or just bored, we’re watching them. These reality stars are making millions all because we just can’t get enough of them, and I can tell you right now it won’t be stopping anytime soon. It’s an incredible infatuation which has taken over the world.

OK. Gotta go, the new ep of The Bachelor is about to air!

reality stars

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