But Seriously, How The F**k Is Donald Trump President?

It’s early June, end of financial year sales have begun, it’s getting cold, and as of writing these words, Donald Trump is 134 days into his presidency. By now, if you haven’t thought to yourself “how the fuck,” you might be a supporter, or you don’t know quite how dramatic the 2016 U.S. election was. Hillary Clinton and a lot of Democrats are still spitting chips over misogyny and Russian interference to explain their horrible loss, but it’s all bullshit and not the real problem, and I’m going to try to explain why.

But firstly, think about it for a second. Donald Trump has done some pretty fucked up things. The man said on national television that he wanted to “take out [the] families,” of terrorists, which is a war crime. Even the Fox News presenters interviewing him looked stunned. One time, while married, he bragged about trying to “fuck” someone, said he doesn’t wait to kiss women and that he “grabs them by the pussy,” basically admitting he sexually assaults women. He suggested America’s extremely low minimum wage was too high, pure comedy. The man is a walking meme and he won the election. How could this happen?

The Other Clinton

To give a small history lesson on the Clintons, I’ve got to go back to 1993, the year Bill Clinton was sworn into office as President. He inherited this new deal called NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) which his predecessor George Bush Snr signed, along with the leaders or Canada and Mexico. This removed most tariffs on trade between the three countries, like taxes on imports and certain regulations. Bill Clinton supported it through an indecisive congress until it came into effect in 1994.

The most important part of this history lesson is that NAFTA fucked up manufacturing in the U.S. By removing the high costs of intercontinental trade, manufacturing jobs were outsourced, and for the ones that stayed, wage growth dropped significantly, meaning those workers were left with either no job or an inability to support their family after a few years. While this isn’t the only bad thing Clinton did, or even the only trade deal he made, I’ll just stick with this one example.

As you can see, Hillary Clinton would have had a bit of a hard task convincing any of these workers that she was on their side, since she actually supported NAFTA too. Here’s a quote from her 2003 memoir, sourced from this PolitiFact article, which highlights her “inconsistent” position on free trade agreements.

“Creating a free trade zone in North America — the largest free trade zone in the world — would expand U.S. exports, create jobs and ensure that our economy was reaping the benefits, not the burdens, of globalization (sic). Although unpopular with labor (sic) unions, expanding trade opportunities was an important administration goal.”

The First Half of 2016

In early 2016, amidst the presidential primaries, American voters were choosing who they’d like to represent each major party. For the Democratic party, the stage is set between Hillary Clinton and a senator named Bernie Sanders. Compare the pair. Sanders has always been progressive. He strongly opposes trade deals like NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which we would be part of. I’m not going to get into all of his positions, so just believe me when I say he’s left of centre.

Unfortunately, as Wikileaks revealed, the game was rigged in Clinton’s favour. These leaks included suggestions from within the DNC to shame Sanders’ atheism in religious states, preparations for Clinton’s campaign to deny laundering accusations coming from Sanders’ himself, and tampering with rules and access to information for pro-Sanders voters.

Of course, as we know, Clinton “won” the Democratic candidacy and went on to battle Trump. Imagine being part of the DNC scandal and having confidence in your corrupt, unfairly elected candidate who doesn’t stand for basic democratic principles, and thinking she is going to win. Whoops.

Election Campaign

Now to the election, where the choice from the Democrats is someone who’s been right by the government’s side when they flushed the economy down the toilet, sent jobs overseas with NAFTA, breached everyone’s basic right to privacy, and invaded various countries while lying about why they were doing it. From the Republicans, an over-confident fuckwit who, while being in no way qualified, with no moral principle and climate change skeptic, preached jobs and growth, infrastructure bills, and making the country great again. Hmm…

Obviously, we have President Meme so there’s no point glossing over the fact that Clinton must have properly fucked up to lose to someone so moronic and flippant.

A large part of her loss had to do with an inability to secure the rust-belt of America. These are the manufacturing worker states who I’ve been talking about this whole time. States dominated by these kinds of industries are commonly referred to as the blue wall, almost always voting in Democratic candidates. Three of these states, Michigan, Winsconson and Pennsylvania, all voted Trump, though being part of this blue wall. Wisconsin hadn’t voted in a Republican since 1984. All three of these states measure dramatic decreases in democratic voting, with either little or no increase for republicans. “In Wisconsin, Trump got roughly the same number of votes, 1.4 million, that Romney got while losing the state in 2012,” which is fucking insane. “Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania were each decided by about one percentage point.”

This graph from a Wesleyan Media Project study shows how much television advertisements the two campaigns used in these three states, as well as overall, showing literally nothing from the Democrats until a week or two before the election in two of them. What the fuck?


This second graph shows the percentage of political campaign advertisements that included policy information from the last four elections. This is hilarious.


Everyone has the right to criticise Trump for all the fucked up scandals and the almost 100% inconsistency with policy, as I do every day. But seriously, how can anyone other than Clinton and her team be to blame for having only 25% of her ad’s about policy. 

Is Hillary Clinton Self Aware?

This is the most hilarious part of this whole story because Clinton has in no way learnt her lesson. In an interview at a Women for Women event on CNN in early May, Clinton reflected on the outcome of the election, citing Russian intervention as the major reason for her loss. Russian intervention. What a fucking joke. This claim still has no evidence.

The full interview is over half an hour, mostly not about the election, so here’s Kyle Kulinski from Secular Talk breaking down the important parts and noting her contradiction.

Clinton goes into a story of when she publicly criticised President Vladimir Putin for rigging an election in his favour.

“I did say it was an illegitimate election and it had been rigged. And people — you know, I wasn’t telling hundreds of thousands, even millions of Russians something they didn’t know. So they go out in the streets in Moscow and St. Petersburg and demonstrate and Putin blames me, that I’m the one who got all those people in the streets.”

Later in the interview, she falls back on the claim that Russia intervened in the election.

“I was on the way to winning until… Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off.”

Here is the direct contradiction. She cites an example of Putin shooting the messenger, being her, for revealing his corruption, then says how annoyed she is at the messenger, in this case Wikileaks, for sharing her corruption. How is she so shameless? She has not learned a thing from this election and is so oblivious to her hypocrisy, she’s willing to contradict her own ideas on national television.

What Now?

Clinton’s history sets her as the enemy of all blue collar workers, all Bernie Sanders supporters and everyone against rigged elections, so essentially, everyone should hate her. If you think this article is somehow pro-Trump then you didn’t understand it. My evidence should serve as proof that identity politics and little attention to policy is not how to campaign for president, even if you think you have an easy win. Clinton played herself, the Democrats, and fucked the country over, putting her interests before that of the country. Now look what’s happened. The Americans have a president who thinks global warming is a Chinese hoax. Congratulations.

What now? Well, you decide. Continue business as usual, or stand up for what’s right.

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