Have Your Cake And Eat It Too: The Work/Life Balance

Is the 9 to 5 not what you are looking for? Would you rather travel? Do you feel like you’re not reaching your potential? You may be looking for the Transient lifestyle, and here are all the services you’ll need to do it!

A Transient worker or more commonly know as a Digital Nomad, is a person that works while traveling. Either they love the lifestyle of a traveler or they have to for business. You don’t have to wait for those 2 – 4 week off every year, quit your job or retired to travel. There are many benefits of working on the go.

1. Choosing your own hours.

You may be more productive in the early mornings or late nights or just love a good nap in the middle of the day. According to The Australian Institute, taking more breaks through out the day makes you, less tired and more productive.

2. Traveling and making connections

Traveling helps you to grow and your work too. By exploring, you have access to different foods, people and cultures. Along the way you have the ability to make invaluable connections: personally and professionally.

3. Doing what you love

Usually a Transient worker or Digital Nomad has chosen this lifestyle over the typical 9 to 5 role and are creating their own career path. Many people miss out on traveling because of their day jobs. Which is such a shame, because when talking to our elders, its usually not the things they have done that they regret, but regret the things they didn’t do.



belo-1200x630-a0d52af6aba9463c82017da13912f19fWhat stops most people from going after the Transient lifestyle, is it can be lonely and expensive. Most of the time, you are paying rent at home and being unable to rent on the go because of time constraints. This leaves you, paying for pricey hotels, dirty motels, or loud hostels. Airbnb has improved this by offering a short-term lease type agreement. That acts like a hotel but customers are living amongst the culture, as apposed to isolated in a room, or trapped with other tourist.


GtkJ9vnyHowever, if you still want to have a place were you can return to, but are worried about paying for two sets of rent. Roam, may be the service for you. Roam is a new co-living service on the market that you only have to pay for one lease and live around the world for $500 per week. Roam that is testing the boundaries between work, travel and life adventure. With huge communal area, your own private fully furnished king or queen-sized bedroom, private bathroom with amenities and internet included, Roam has made it very easy on the Transient worker. It seems like all you’ll need to pack is a laptop and a change of clothes.


Work Spaces

If working from home or a café is not for you, or you’re more productive in an office. A new phenomenon of co-working spaces are popping up. This is the ideal solution to the Transient worker or any new start-up. According to Harvard Business Review, employees in co-working spaces thrive more than in regular office spaces.

There are offices all around the world and even Brisbane that allow workers to rent out desk spaces. This is an affordable solution to all of these Digital Nomads or new start-ups that can’t afford to rent out an office or just looking for a temporary space.


Above is an image of one of Brisbane’s co-working spaces – Thought Fort in Fortitude Valley. Thought Fort offers a desk space and chair with access to a kitchen, wifi and locker all for $5 an hour up to $356/month. If this isn’t the place for you, websites like HotDesk can help you search for a co-working space that’s right up your alley.


All that’s left to do is to pack!

One burden that comes with traveling are the annoying airport restrictions and heavy luggage. Here are some handy items that could make your new lifestyle as light and seamless as possible.


Floatti is a new all-in-one suitcase from Kickstart that is putting all other suitcases to shame. No need to worry about being over your weight limit, loosing your luggage, uncomfortably coordinating your carry-on with your suitcase, answering calls, or charging your laptop and phone. With a built in scales, GPS tracking and luggage arrival notification app, handbag or backpack strap, hands-free answering of phone calls, and a portable charger strong enough to charge a laptop; this suitcase has found the solution to all our travelling problems.



LifePack is a new backpack on the market that is designed for the work and life balance. With features such as solar power chargers, water repellant material, lock, ‘Workzone’ compartment and ‘Lifezone’ compartment, drop proof, four hidden compartments and bluetooth speakers.



Kickstarter has advertised the newest utility jacket – Baubax Jacket. With 15 features, this jacket comes with: a neck pillow, eye mask, drink pocket, microfiber cloth, sunglass pocket, iPad pocket, hand warming pockets, eye phone holders, phone pocket, stylus, passport pocket, blanket pocket, attached gloves, and portable charger.



Are you excited to start the Transient lifestyle? There are many jobs out there that can accommodate to this lifestyle. Have a look around, there is bound to be a job suited to you.


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